India has always been a land of storytellers. Stories were orally transmitted from one generation to another. Over a period of time various visual art forms like painting, sculpture, dance, cinematography, photography enhanced the richness of stories. Today visuals tell stories.


Vinod Krishnan is one such visual storyteller who captures the drama of life via photography. He believes that the world is full of exciting stories waiting to be told. The camera is only a medium. An exotic dish cooked by an ace chef or a happy child running carefree. A woman expressing her many moods or a sleepy city waking up on a holiday… every photograph of his tells a unique story.

While storytelling by creating visual drama comes naturally to him, evolved masters like Ian Pereira, Farrokh Chothia and Tarun Vishwa have inspired and mentored him to become a better visual storyteller. What Vinod treasures most is the divine grace of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who conceded to be photographed on a few occasions and continues to guide his destiny.